Thursday, January 19, 2012

Toni Rivard/Creme De La Cookie Cakeballs

A few years ago when we moved into our condo near Snider Plaza, we discovered a cute little bakery and coffee shop, Creme de la Cookie. In a town where there is a Starbucks every few yards, or so it seems, it's nice to find a quaint, local place to grab a good cup of coffee and a tasty treat. Creme de la Cookie has a few claims to fame, their chocolate chip cookies made with European style butter (yes, they are delicious) and, most importantly, their cakeballs.
I know that recipes for cakeballs have been floating around the internet and they have really exploded in bakeries recently. I have tried cakeballs at several places in Dallas and I can attest, the cakeballs produced by Creme de la Cookie are the best I have tasted. They have a wide variety of flavors, and while everyone I have tried have been delicious, their red velvet cakeball is by far their best. It has the perfect balance of red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting, and white chocolate coating and are wonderfully moist.

Given the richness of the cakeball, the fact that their bite size makes them perfect. Just a few bites is all you need to satisfy any sweet tooth or craving that you might have and you don't have to mess with forks or plates. A few months ago the owner, Toni Rivard, opened a kiosk at Northpark Mall at the entrance of Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co. named after the owner. They offer the same great cakeballs and cookies served at Creme de la Cookie, and their available for purchasing while you shop til you drop.
The main reason for my stop by Toni Rivard tonight was to pick Robert up some red velvet cakeballs for his birthday, which is today. So I will end this review by wishing my love Happy Birthday, let's hope this upcoming year is more memorable and wonderful than the last 29!


  1. Darn, I was really hoping you would have the recipe for CDLC cakeballs! ;) My father-in-law's office is next door to CDLC in Snider Plaza and he has gotten me hooked on those little devils. Which is unfortunate, because I live in Houston. Cute blog!

  2. How fun, to "google" our name and find this kind post about our bakeries! You are TOO sweet! Thanks for the great blog and shout out, we appreciate YOU! :)

    Next time you come in to Snider Plaza, ask for Justin. Tell him that Toni Rivard sent you in for 3 free cakeballs....... xoxoxo