Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Thrasher Family Thanksgiving

So, I initially thought, foolishly I might add, that I would be able to post this last night, then this afternoon, now it's past midnight and I am just now getting to write this post. I think that's just how it goes when you're home for the holidays with family: everyone else knows just how you should fill your time! This post is not about food, at least not directly, but given that Thanksgiving is usually all about food I thought I'd share how my family, the Thrashers, chose to spend our holiday.

My grandfather, Dede, in front of our family tailgate sign.

A little over 60 years ago, my grandfather, JW Thrasher (or Dede as we grandchildren call him) decided to pack up his bags in West Texas and make his way south to attend Texas A&M University in College Station. From that point forward, the Texas A&M v. Texas football game was a crucial component to the Thrasher family Thanksgiving tradition. This Thanksgiving was possibly the last Thanksgiving day game that these long time rivals will meet on the football field to battle for bragging rights of who has the better team. 
My dad, Mike, is the grill master at all tailgate parties.
I honestly feel sad as I write those words. I literally have never known a Thanksgiving where my family didn't watch or go to this game. In fact, when Robert and I married, we determined what years we would be with my family for Thanksgiving based on when the game was played in College Station so that we could continue going with my family! I still can't imagine what Thanksgiving with my family will look like in two years. I guess we'll have to invent a new tradition!
Robert and Dede making their plates.
In light of this year's game being the last, my dad decided that we would tailgate with steaks and baked potatoes and enjoy the gameday atmosphere like we do every other game rather than trying to have a big turkey lunch then get on the road when everyone else from Austin is headed that way. (Yes, I grew up near Austin. Yes, I'm became an Aggie, there are a few of us!) I loved this decision! With this game being such an essential part of Thrasher Thanksgivings past, it only seemed fitting that we would send the last one out with a big bang!

Bonfire Memorial
After our huge steak lunch, and watching a little NFL football on the TV, Robert and I decided to take a walk around campus to try to work off some of those calories. I decided to take my camera along and take some pictures of my beloved alma mater. I've chosen a few to share, although there are way too many favorites to be able to show!

Century Tree

While the game ultimately did not go in our favor, I still enjoyed getting to share the last A&M v. Texas game with my Dede ('52), my dad ('80) and Robert ('07). Oh and we let Reid, a senior at Texas and Robert's cousin join us. He was nice so we didn't make him walk home after the loss. :)

Pennies at Sul Ross Statue for good luck on exams
Today we had our regular Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the fixins with a full house.  I've been helping prepare all day, hence the late post. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Thanks for letting me share some memories from mine.

Robert and I at halftime
Fighting Texas Aggie Band

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