Monday, September 26, 2011

Vero Beach, Florida Continued...

We are still enjoying our vacation in Florida! We go back home on Wednesday, so we are doing our best to enjoy as much of what Florida has to offer as possible...the beach...golfing (well...Bunker plays while I walk)...the pool...seafood...and restful naps.

Yesterday we drove to West Palm Beach (about an hour and a half south of Vero) to visit some of our dearest friends, Colleen and Josh. We met Colleen and Josh when Bunker was in grad school at Fuqua (Duke) and became wonderful lifelong friends almost immediately. We miss them very much, especially on Notre Dame game days! Anyways...we met at a delightful Italian restaurant, Il Bellagio, and enjoyed a long lunch catching up on life. Honestly, the food did not matter although it was very tasty, lunch was just about seeing good friends and catching up about life with friends that I wish lived nearer.

 Josh, Colleen, Bunker and Suzie at lunch!

Last night we took took a night of seafood. I had a flavorful and crisp pizza with broccoli, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and Fontina cheese. Bunker has a really yummy ham and Gruyere cheese sandwich with Dijon mustard.

The restaurant also had an amazing bread basket! And as you all know...I am a bit obsessed with bread. This one was perfect with a nice selection of breads: crunch cracker, soft sourdough, hearty wheat, and rich raisin bread. Yum!

Tonight we are relaxing watching "Fletch," a fantastic 80's movie with perhaps the best soundtrack from that era. We had dinner at Ocean Grill, one of those quintessential beach town seafood restaurants that overlooks the breaking waves and seems as though it has not changed in the past 30 years. I hope it does not! We came here four years ago, and I just have this nostalgic feeling for the place, and I think I always will. We really enjoyed the dinner. Bunker had a Cajun Grouper that was just delicious, and I had the Grilled Salmon that was a tad over cooked but still very fresh and tasty. There is just nothing like eating seafood perched atop the ocean.

We are certainly enjoying our vacation, but we also very much miss the puppies. They are with my parents, and I do hope the puppies are not driving my parents too crazy!

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