Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sevan G&G Cafe: A Wonderful Taste of the Mediterranean

Photo Credit: Sevan G&G Website
One of my favorite cuisines is Greek/Mediterranean. When I graduated from high school my parents and I took a trip to Italy and Greece. During my time in Greece I completely fell in love with the fresh flavors that infuse every dish. Ever since I am always on the look out for a good Greek restaurant in whatever city I am in. Sevan G&G Cafe will certainly be my go to Greek restaurant in Dallas from here on out.

Sevan G&G Cafe is located on Greenville Avenue just south of Belmont in a small strip center across from the old Whole Foods store. While the first impression from the street may not be much, don't let that keep you from walking through this East Dallas gem. The interior dining room is warm and inviting and a nice intimate size for a great date or double date location. And it's BYOB which also makes it an affordable date for those nights when you want a night away from the home but don't want to spend a lot of money.
Photo Credit: Sevan G&G Website
Robert and I were joined by our friends the Morgans for dinner at Sevan G&G earlier this week and we found the food delicious, and the restaurant quiet, perfect for some great conversation. We decided to start by ordering the Sevan hummus as an appetizer. The hummus was smooth with the perfect balance between garlic and tahini flavors and the boldness of the sauteed lamb and roasted pine nuts were a nice contrast to the smoothness of the hummus.

Robert and Andrew both opted to order the Gyro plate, which includes both sauteed lamb with pita, fresh vegetables and tzatziki sauce. The tzatziki sauce was perfectly seasoned with dill and other herbs so that they provided a full flavor without overpowering the yogurt. The lamb was well seasoned and not at all gamey, a key indicator of great Greek food, in my honest opinion. The pairing of the fresh vegetables and pita with the lamb provided a healthy, yet fulfilling meal that both men enjoyed thoroughly.

Missy and I both ordered the Chicken Tawook: seasoned chicken kabobs, fresh vegetables and vermicelli also served with tzatziki sauce and pita bread. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and the coolness of the tzatziki sauce was a perfect compliment to the spices in the chicken. I have always loved vermicelli that is a staple in Greek cuisine. Vermicelli is basically rice with small pieces of rice pasta that has been sauteed and has wonderful flavor and texture. Much like the gyro plate the guys enjoyed, our meal was filling yet light. On a previous visit Robert enjoyed a Greek salad and spoke nothing but praises about the blend of the vinaigrette, cucumbers, olives and shaved feta, which he insists is far superior to crumbled feta.

All in all Sevan G&G was a big success and certainly a place we will return to again and again. The atmosphere was perfect for an evening out with friends, the food was amazing and, thanks to the BYOB policy, we got out for about $30 a couple. We ran out of room for dessert, but next time I plan to save room for some Baklava.

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